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Little Fuzzy Llamas is a collection of 7777 NFTs living on the Solana Blockchain created from over 200 traits with varying rarity across different traits. The goal of this project is to bring people together through art, collaboration, and adorable llamas. These little fuzzy llamas can’t wait to give you a whole lotta love!

A Little Fuzzy RoadmapMint a Llama. Gift a Llama.For every llama that is minted, we will be donating a llama stuffed animal to a kid in need through the nonprofit, ​​Stuffed Animals for Emergencies.In addition, we will continue to connect people through art, build the community, and develop the Little Fuzzy Llamas brand. Since we want the community to decide the route of the project, the roadmap is flexible and will continue to grow and change with the community. To make sure that the Little Fuzzy community is heard, there will be weekly AMA chats with the founder. We also have plans to launch an online store with various items such as apparel, stickers, and more. There are many more exciting plans in store for Little Fuzzy Llamas, so please join us in building the Little Fuzzy community!
Meet the Founder

Hello there! My name is Niki and I am the founder of Little Fuzzy Llamas. Growing up as an only child, my stuffed animals were my best friends. Therefore, I want to provide kids a companion who makes them feel safe during tough times. This is a solo project so I am the creator, the development team, and the marketing team. I am currently a senior in college (Go Bears!) and Little Fuzzy Llamas is a culmination of the numerous skills that I learned throughout my time in college. I hope everyone enjoys their Little Fuzzy Llamas and I am so excited to grow the Little Fuzzy community with you!


If you have any additional questions, join the discord and post your question in the #questions channel.

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